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Diversity Project GuidelinesThe World is fast becoming a “Global Village”. As students preparing to work in this diverse and competitive environment, it is important that you understand and appreciate diversity. This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore different cultures, make connections between your culture and other students’ cultures.What to do:Create a PowerPoint presentation to discuss the culture of any country of your choice.Things that could be incorporated into the presentation– Maps showing geographical locations of your country– Brief Historical facts, population, climate and language– System of government, education and economy–  Flags and their symbolisms–  Currencies and their values–  Literature and music pertaining to your culture, Sports and musical instrument–  Samples of cuisine and apparel–  Holidays observed and their significance– Customs and traditions (e.g. marriage, religion, family values)– State at least, two major contributions made to society by individuals from the country researched• Contribution could be in any area —e.g. sports, music, invention, art, human rights, production etc.—The website below is a good place to start your research. You could use other sources as well. Cite all sources used.Https: // slides only
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