Friendship Poems 5 – Grandma's Cookin'

Who is she? Grandma is any senior citizen you choose to call grandma or big ma ma. Grandma was the elderly woman that served as a surrogate while you were away in college. She looked out for you when you were just starting out on your own.

Actually, grandma never stopped looking out for you. In comparison, the price of an airline ticket may be cheap, but grandma’s home cooked meals are priceless. The love that goes into the preparation of grandma’s meals is something that money cannot buy.

Since you can never repay grandma, one way to thank her is to write a poems .

Sample  Poem :

Grandma’s Cookin’

We travel from the east, west, north, and south for her special recipes cooked with plenty of love. We change our hearts to be more loving, forgiving, and kind to one another after one of her talks. She teaches us lessons from above, then gives us a piece of that delicious buttermilk biscuit.

I can hear her now saying

“Have some home made butter with those biscuits”

and eat more if you can

“Have some home made jelly and apple jam”

Boy are you going to be good, she asks?

All I can say is “Yes Ma’am.”

Only for Grandma’s Cookin’

I can hear Grandma now as she cries out from the kitchen while making her peach cobbler, “Get me a little of this and a pinch of that.” This is how she measures her love, the unconditional part she throws in free cause that comes from above.

In Grandma’s kitchen we sit around and clown

No time while visiting her to show a frown

We tell our stories sitting in circles

We tell our problems to family who care

We tell our friend stop by anytime,

sit down, and have a meal if you dare

Only for Grandma’s Cookin’

Copyright © 2007, Dr. M.E. Waters. All Rights Reserved.

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