Funerals and Poems

A funeral can be defined as a ceremony held in the honor of a person who has passed away. It consists of two common procedures known as cremation and burial. Poems are sung in order to add a sentimental touch to the funeral and they involve both song plus communication. It is composed verbally to express emotions and experiences in a creative flow.

Poems are usually written as a tribute to the dead usually by people who are close to them. Some choose to use them as a dedication while others may not be willing to share them with those who are present at the funeral. The purpose of this is to store the memories for life.

Regardless of the reason behind composing a poem, the art of poetry is used to convey sadness for the death of the loved one.

Some good choices include ‘Do not stand at my grave and weep’. The basic meaning is that the person did not really leave the world yet and they are assuring the others to not cry at their grave. This is illustrated beautifully when they further mention that they are the thousand winds which blow, the diamond glints on snow, the rain of the gentle autumn and lastly, the sunlight on ripened grain. It also says that the is the soft stars which shine in the night. The poem ends with the closing words that the departed person is still there and did not die.

Another recommended one is She is gone (he is gone). The poem tells the listener or reader to cry because of the person’s departure or smile with the memory that they were once alive. It asks you to pray for their return while closing your eyes or open them to see whatever they have left. It tells you to fill your heart with the love which you shared with that particular person or leave it empty because they are not visible anymore. The poem is asking you to decide if you want to weep and close your mind with a feeling of emptiness while turning back. Or you can opt for one thing which will make the your loved one happy i.e. open your eyes, love and move ahead with life.

A few more examples include death is nothing at all, let me go, remember, footprints on the sands of time, a reflection on an autumn day etc. Whatever your choice is, make sure that you wholly dedicate it with a pure heart to the departed soul.

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