Global and Competitive Strategy


The balance sheet is a “snapshot” of a company’s financial conditions on a specific date. One way to look at a balance sheet is in terms of the “sources” and “uses” of cash. Of what use is the balance sheet to potential investors in the company? Research on the Internet an example of a balance sheet of a large company and view its balance sheet online. Briefly summarize your findings. 250 WORDS .REFERENCES IN APA FORMAT


Review The Secret Origins of Corporate Strategy at . What is Walter Keiechel’s view on the value of business consultants? Do you agree? Review the Closing Case in Chapter 9: Emerging Markets: Emerging Acquirers from China and India. Using the concepts learned in the required readings, discuss the differences between the Chinese and Indian multinational acquirers reflecting upon industry, resource and institution-based views. 250 WORD. REFERENCE IN APA FORMAT


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