Group Case Study Vw Diesel Emmissions Scandal

  I need this assignment by tonight at 8:30 PM EST. (11/20/2020)
Each Group will select one case study from the list below to complete the Group Paper and Group PowerPoint assignments:
Ethics Case Studies
VW Diesel Emissions Scandal
Group Paper Case Study Review (150 points)
Case Study Background – How did the ethical issue unfold and evolve
Identify the Main Characters
Ethical Issues: describe the type of issue(s), i.e, personal, organizational, industry, social/cultural)
What was the ethical issue outcome?
Could this have been avoided? How? 
Conclude with recommendations that could have been effective to remedy the problems in the handling of the case.
Paper (150 points)
· Minimum 1200 words per student 
· Minimum 6 references per paper 
· APA Format

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