growing number of leadership challenges in the tourism industry to tackle the environmental issues a case of cancun holiday saga in mexico

TLH 343
Leadership and Management Term 3
March 2020 at 14:00
Topic :Growing number of leadership challenges in the tourism industry to tackle the environmental issues: a case of Cancun holiday saga in Mexico.
Learning Outcomes
1. A critical understanding of the role of Leadership and Management Development
2. A critical understanding of leadership and management approaches when managing an industrial
Workforce Skills
3. The ability to discuss equality and diversity issues which can occur across industries
4. The ability to critically analyse challenges experienced in the industrial workforce
Assessment Regulations
extensions and a academic integrity, please refer to your Programme Handbook on the University
of Sunderland in London information page on Canvas.
Assessment 1: Essay
This assessment requires you to research in depth to produce a critical essay around an area of content
ion linked to leadership and management issues experienced and applied to Hospitality industry.
It will assess learning outcomes 1 -4 and contribute 100% of module marks.
You are required to research extensively and work independently on a subject or topic which is of interest
to you. You should read widely and use a good breadth of academic materials to support claims you make.
within the workplace that are relevant to the topic you are discussing.Some past topics have included;
Focus on:
Role of leadership, Leadership and Management styles, Impact of leadership and management, Leadership and Management approaches, Equality and Diversity and Challenges experienced at workplace. Management & Leadership development.
SWOT (Micro) & PEST (Macro) factors
How challenges can be addressed and tackled?
How Equality and Diversity Laws can be implemented?
How Leadership and Management can be developed?
Assignment Layout :
Introduction, Main body, Conclusion & Referencing
Assignment structure
Introduction: Purpose of your essay and an overview of your chosen organisation.
Main Body (part 2)Different management styles, impact of different management styles, What sort of management styles do your chosen organisation follow or have? Are those effective ones? Evaluate different management styles and importance of appropriate management approach in hospitality sectors?
Equality and diversity, laws and regulation, is there any equality and diversity related issues involved in your organisation?
Challenges: What are the current challenges for leaders and managers in 21stcentury? What challenges do leaders and managers currently facing in your organisation?
Argument: How those challenges could be tackle? What sort of training and development is required to improve further?
Recommendation:What is your recommendation based on your findings? Think about improvement and future business trends? Perhaps technological advancement, future leadership and future studies etc.
Conclusion: Your findings and final conclusion about your full essay.
References: Must include references from textbooks, journals, articles (check the articles uploaded on canvas), academic research, previous studies, Magazines and other secondary sources etc.

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