Health Education, Ethical Decisions and Code of Ethics Scenario Analysis


You work in the county health department’s asthma maintenance program. You are assigned to visit Hispanic families living in one of the zip codes assigned to you. In one family there are five children…four of whom have asthma. In your visits, you find that the family does not like receiving free medications or medical services because it is against the culture to accept free items/services. Because of this, they choose to not take the children to regular health care visits for their asthma. They also use the medicine for the child/children with the most severe symptoms. This is one way they prolong their visits to the health care provider.

You decide, as the health educator, that the best approach is to work with the informal primary care providers (mom and grand mom) within their cultural beliefs. You do this through asthma education with an emphasis on which symptoms are the most severe so they can make better informed decisions.

Because the children are not receiving routine asthma maintenance medications, two of the four end up hospitalized (one in pediatric intensive care).

Was your decision ethical? You must support your answer with the information on the Code of Ethics for Health Educators.

### I must support the decision as unethical.

### I will upload the Docs and PowerPoint Slides to help..

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