Help me with night essay prompts

In writing night essay prompts, the task is not easy because I myself have a hard time in getting started. There are prompts needed to choose from and I only need to choose one. What I did is that I chose a prompt that I can provide arguments with and you can do it also.
Requirements in Writing Night Essay Prompts
Of course, you should not just choose essay prompts and start writing it. It is important that you know what are the guidelines you need to follow and in writing, you need to use MLA format which include headers. You need to take your time in organizing your thoughts and ensure to make a clear as well as argumentative thesis statement. Be sure that you organize your thoughts with two or three quotes and start each sentence with a clear topic sentence.
There are numerous night essay prompts you can choose which include provide one of the most tragic themes in “Night is Eliezer’s Discovers of how cruel treatment and atrocities make good people into brutes”. Does Elie escape the fate? It is better when you give specific events in conveying your opinion. Another prompt to answer is that you need to discuss how Wiesel utilizes his motifs in his own book, Night.
Explore how those motifs were used in developing the character, plot as well as other literary elements. You can also choose the prompt “discuss why it’s essential to study Holocaust and why it must not be forgotten. In answering this prompt, you need to include references in supporting your arguments.
There you go some of the prompts that you can answer with night essay prompts as well as guidelines that you need to follow to present the best paper to your readers.

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