how do i create request for quotation rfq 1

Create a detailed RFQ for cloud-based data storage services to enable daily backups of Coffee Retailer’s point of sale (POS) data to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data loss. The RFQ should provide enough information so that a cloud computing company can provide an accurate quotation for basic data storage services.
You will also want to identify reasonable performance and security metrics that a system like this might require. Please state any assumptions that you need to make to flesh out your choice.
Make sure to do the following:

Create a professional RFQ that accurately represents the information required by a vendor for a proper response.
Create a professionally formatted RFQ appropriate for distribution to stakeholders.
Specify reasonable performance and security metrics for data uploads and downloads.

Submission Requirements

Submit a single Word document.
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Length: 3–4 pages (not including cover and reference pages), double-spaced, 1-inch margins

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