How do people find a life partner?

How do people find a life partner?
Choose 2 of the four models listed below, and use them to explain how people choose a life partner according to these models.
i.    Human nature/Instincts
ii.    Free Will
iii.    Structural
iv.    Intentional Behavior
2. What is the main (positive) function of an intuition in society? Please provide a general answer as well as a specific example in your answer.
3. Give an example of a conflict in modern society and explain in terms of conflict theory. Provide a suggestion regarding the causes of your chosen conflict.
4. Describe each of the four pillars of Business Intelligence and how they each relate to solving a business problem using data driven decision making.
5. Describe the BI Cycle and provide a short hypothetical example in a business context.
6. Compare and contrast Lamarck’s and Darwin’s theory of evolution.
7. According to modern evolutionary theory (post-Darwin) does evolution have an aim or purpose?
8. Discuss the main points for and against the Simulation hypothesis as presented by Bostrom (for) and Dawkins (against).
9. Discuss whether mathematics are invented or discovered. Be sure to include a discussion of the Everett/Chomsky debate.

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