How to Get Movie Ticket Discounts/Coupons

Nowadays everything is getting more and more expensive as the year passes. From school tuition fees, to car maintenance fees, to groceries, to house rents and even movie tickets! During the 90’s movie tickets only cost $ 4.33, but today it is not unusual anymore to see movie tickets that cost $ 10 to $ 14 or even more. Some would just choose to stay home and watch the movies being shown on TV, or download their choice on the internet. But still a lot of people do not bother paying attention to this fact anymore. While others would take their chances of becoming a member of some clubs that is in connection with movie theaters that gives a price cut.

If you are a member of Triple A Automotive Club, you can browse to their website and check their offers in your area by entering your zip code. Through this you can get discounted tickets at $ 6 each to Edwards, Regal, and United Artists Theaters.

You also have to be a member at Angie’s List, but their link is a little harder to find. They have a membership fee of $ 6 a month, with additional discounts if you decide to pay ahead of time for the following years. If you browse to their site, you will have to look for a box at the bottom of the page called “Member Resources”, there is a link there that says “Tickets and Perks”. It will take you to an order page where you will choose the following:

  • AMC, Lowe’s, and General Cinemas: $ 6.50
  • Cinemark Movies: $ 6.00
  • Regal or United Artists: $ 6.50

At Costco, there is no membership fee needed. If you bought a parcel of five tickets at $ 37.50, you will get a reasonable discount at Regal’s.

Entertainment Book also offers movie coupons that can go as low as $ 5 or $ 6. And there is more to that! If you purchase more movie tickets from them the lesser the price of the Entertainment Book of your choice. You just have to check their website at The movie tickets you have ordered will arrive in 7-10 business days, and the discounts will depend on the movie house and location. But you can still get a great concession!

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