How to Insure Young Drivers

Many people may find that it is difficult or expensive to insure young drivers. Young drivers typically have very high insurance premiums because they do not have a lot of experience driving and do not know how to react in many driving situations. Therefore they are considered high risk drivers as there is a much greater chance that they will be making a claim versus more experienced drivers. Young male drivers particularly have the highest auto insurance premium rates.

It is possible to reduce the premium of your young drivers insurance in several different ways. If your teenager is driving an older but safe car then the insurance premium will be much less then if they are driving a newer, expensive vehicle. This mainly because older cars are easy to fix, as parts can be found quickly and they are less likely to be stolen.

If your student gets good grades, usually a B or better, then many auto insurance companies offer a 10 to 25% discount on their auto insurance. This can also be a great incentive for students, particularly if they are the ones paying for their own insurance.

Enrolling in a driver’s education course will also normally bring about a discount and in many states drivers ed is mandatory if you want to get your license.

If you supervise your teenagers driving then the young driver is more likely to follow the d riving rules even when you are not in the car. Many states require 50 hours of supervised driving for the first six months of a new license.

As your teenager stays out of trouble you will find that their car insurance rates will decrease and generally when they hit 25 there will be a large decrease, particularly if they have never put in a claim or had any driving issues.

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