How To Make Paper Airplanes

Learning how to make paper airplanes is not such a difficult task. It is a hobby that has been loved by generations of kids for centuries. If you want to create a paper airplane that soars high and far, take a moment to check out the following tips and guidance.

First of all you will need to understand there is a big difference between folding a piece of paper a few times to make a plane, and making the effort to create a craft that flies to the heavens. It is important that you use the right kind of paper, this needs to be strong and sturdy as opposed to flimsy and easy to crumple.

To get the aerodynamics right, you will need to work on a hard dry surface, for example a kitchen or dining room table. The folds need to be both precise and sharp without causing damage to the rest of the paper. Be aware that if there is any kink in a fold, the plane is not going to fly straight or far.

If you are determined to create a paper plane that flies higher and further than that of your friends, it can be useful to make pencil lines on the paper prior to folding. It is surprising the difference having geometrically precise folds can make on the plane’s aerodynamics.

It can take a few attempts to create a successful paper airplane. Do not get disheartened if on the first few tries your plane goes nose down into the ground after barely a meter. When this happens, alter the dimensions until you have made the perfect design. Try not to re-do the same sheet of paper, always start afresh when possible.

To ensure that your folds are razor sharp, use a ruler to press and crease. Also, by having a ruler on hand, you can take measurements to make sure each wing has exactly the same dimensions. A plastic transparent ruler would be better than a solid metal design, as you can see exactly what you are doing.

Though you can get various paper plane blueprints from craft books and websites, you may find it more fun if you simply experiment with your own concepts. Of course, there is nothing wrong with doing a little research online as to the most desirable wing shapes and paper sizes, but do not be afraid to create your own designs. A few extra folds and cuts can allow you to put together an amazing paper airplane. Besides, paper is an easily available and cheap commodity, experimenting will not cost you a fortune.

Apart from choosing the right type of design, why not also experiment with different paper colors. The color will not impact on performance, but it can make your plane stand out from the crowd.

Learning how to make paper airplanes is a great activity, and one that can help to strengthen a bond between a parent and a child. It is a harmless craft that can provide hours of cheap entertainment.

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