Human development of adolescence

-Adhere to APA guidelines (APA seventh edition, 2020).
-Select a title that reflects the content of the paper
-Select a running title that is appropriate and relevant to title of paper  (but abbreviated)
Paginate the Paper
-State the purpose of the paper within the first page 
-Include sub-headings
– Use third person: avoid first person pronouns

PAPER TOPIC: Write about in life course development of adolescence and describe the normal patterns of growth and development for this life course stage. Identify the potential hazards to optimal health during this stage and address appropriate strategies for health promotion. (References from the Berger text and/or other sources). The paper should be limited to 4-5double-spaced pages and written in accordance with APA format.

-Description of the topic/issue selected: 20%
-Application and integration of theories, concepts, and other appropriate content addressed in
– NU 230: 40%
-Inclusion of appropriate references:20%
-Format: logical flow of information presented, clarity of written presentation; appropriate application of references and citations: 20%

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