Hello Everyone,
My emotional style is suppressing emotions. Suppressing Emotions- people have learned to suppress their feelings as much as possible. They have developed intellectual strategies that enable them to avoid dealing directly with emotional reactions to a situation. I am known for keeping to myself and not really “Putting myself out there” as some people will say. I believe that people should keep somethings private and everything isn’t for everyone to know. The advantage of my emotional style is that I’m filtered with what I choose to say and what I choose to keep private. Even with suppressing my emotions, I have control over what I let bother me and what I don’t. I am not quick to react to a situation and don’t let thing’s bother me as much. Disadvantages would be, coming off nonchalant to others and keeping things bothered up to the point where I may just explode one day. 
Over time, I’m slowly growing into accommodating emotions. Accommodating Emotions-Accommodation means you are willing to recognize, accept, and experience emotions and to try to react in ways appropriate to the situation. I’ve learned that it is okay to display a little emotion depending on the situation and react in an appropriate manner without being so closed or reacting negatively. The way I can improve or fine-tune my emotional style is, trying to be more open and learning how and when to react in certain situations. 




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