i need a powerpoint presentation with 6 7 slides including speaker notes

***You are making a presentation to the Senior Administrative Team regarding nursing care priorities at your workplace.

Research quality indicators at your workplace (or another of your choice –many have websites which offer this information).

Quality Indicators are developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) to evaluate performance in healthcare. They are ‘measures of quality’. For example, pressure ulcer occurrence, falls, hourly rounding for communication with pts & families… On what nursing care issues does your organization collect data? You can get information from your Manager or QI dept — & they can give you a % of compliance based on the national norm. Or you can get the info online

If you dont work at a hospital or med center, not to worry. Data is required to be shared publicly, as we know, by CMS.

Here’s an example of data available online at a major medical center. Use this if you wish.

Go to “www.partners.org” (the Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA website).

At top you will see a link ‘for patients’.

Then on left, you will see a link for QUALITY.

In this area, there are multiple clinical conditions for which data is shared. It will show you their own numbers, compared to the Massachusetts-state data.

Create a PPT presentation.

Provide examples of how the Organization is improving care in the form of changes in care, governance, staff training, interdisciplinary communication, and/or clinical partnerships.

Create a 6-7 slide presentation with your findings / include speaker notes

NOTE: Each presentation has a Title Slide, an Introductory slide, a Conclusion slide, and a Reference List as the final slide. The title and the reference list slides are not in the slide count**

Include a 150-word executive summary(a 3-5 sentence paragraph)– (5 points) DO NOT EXCEED WORD COUNT


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