i would like my essay finished with all the correct formats and topic guidelines

Assignment/Topic: In this essay you will take definite position on a topic, issue,or problem—either “pro”(meaning “for”) or “con” (meaning “against”). You will introduce the topic, issue, or problem using a particular introduction strategy or strategies; construct and present an argument in the middle section of the essay for why the topic, issue,or problem is important, significant, compelling, affecting, etc.;and then, in your conclusion,provide closing thoughts on, reflect on, or propose a solution(s) of some kind to the topic, issue,or problem

general introduction paragraph that uses at least one introduction strategy and terminates with a clear, concise, specific, and arguable(open to debate/discussion) thesis statement.

a middle section or “body”of the argument that presents relevant ideas, points, reasons, examples, insights, research, etc.—in a word, the “evidence”—to support the thesis statement. If you wish to consider the opposite side of the argument or the “counterargument,” you need to do so early in the middle section, dismiss the counterargument for whatever reason(s), and then move on with the rest of the argument/middle section. You should reserve your strongest idea, point, reason, etc. for last in the middle section. •a conclusion that(in this order) briefly summarizes or restates your thesis statement/body/research,provides concluding, closing, or final thoughts on the topic or a solution(

third person only, 3 to 5 cited sources


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