ims212 solitaire


You will be using Solitaire as a springboard to designing your own game. You will be creating the rule structure for the game using Google Doc. It will need to have three sections.


Step 1

For the first section, begin by defining the rules for Solitaire. How is it played? How do you set up? How do you win? What happens when you get stuck? Etc…

Although you can easily find instructions on-line, do not copy and paste. Learn the rules, and then define them in your own words for this paper. Plagiarism will earn you an automatic zero.

Step 2

For the second section, theme the game. Give it a story. Take the game mechanics, and relate them something that we will care about. Keep the rules the same as the original game. Just theme it differently.

Step 3

For the third section, adjust the rules of Solitaire so that the new version of the game will have gameplay that will help enforce the theming.

Step 4

Follow the Submission Guidelines page to turn in your assignment. Also, bring a playable copy of your game to class with you next week.

Rubrics & Evaluation

This assignment totals 50 pts. It is graded as follows:

5 pts – Section 1: Original rules are clear and concise, but they give sufficient detail and include illustrations when necessary.

5 pts- Section 2: Narrative exists, and there is some backstory created that can be built upon for the third section.

20 pts – Section 3: New ruleset is clear and concise. They give plenty of detail, and include illustrations when necessary. They support the narrative and theming that were added in the second section and help to enhance the experience.

10 pts – Structure: Paper should be readable, free of grammatical errors, and includes citations and/or links when necessary.

10 pts – Function: Rules should be clear and defined so that players can understand and play the game just by reading and following the instructions.


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