In Memory Of – Finding Poems For a Funeral

Planning a funeral service is no easy task, as people are weary and uncertain during such an emotional time. Finding ways in which to express thoughts and feelings is difficult when there are no perfect words to say. A funeral poems poems poems  likely consist of short phrases and few stanzas. A couplet or quatrain is most common, for instance. The following is an untitled piece by Molly Fumia:

The season of mourning,

like spring, summer,

fall and winter,

will also pass.

Memorial Bookmarks

Often friends, family, and colleagues of the departed also appreciate a small keepsake or memento. A popular and practical item is the memorial bookmark. Consequently, the medium of a bookmark is conducive to longer prose that expresses experience and feeling in wonderful poetic detail. Despite whether your loved one was an avid reader, a memorial bookmark will hold the place of his of her memory for years to come.

~Ben Anton, 2009

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