A. Students write two essays: one answering a question of group A and the other answering a question of group B. The essay of group A is worth 20 marks, the essay of group B is worth 10 marks. Aim for 500 words minimum for essay A and for 300 words for essay B.
B. Essays will be marked against three criteria of equal weight: relevance, clarity and use of classroom material.
C. Choose only the question you know how to answer and will get me a 100% right
D. For part A (2 pages you have to write)

E. First explain the authors point view then explain your point of view….. Opinion agree or disagree

Group A – possible essay questions (20 marks)
1. Why did Alfred Koestler write: ‘psychoanalysis is the disease it pretends to cure’?
2. How can behaviorism be said to be an inconsistent psychology?
3. Why is Mead’s model of human existence incapable of accounting for conflict?
4. Why did Thomas Szasz write: ‘psychiatry is the disease it pretends to cure’?
5. What does Sartre mean when he claims that consciousness is nothingness? Why does this perspective lead one to see managerial authority as a fiction?

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