initial discussion post masters level

** 1,000 words

**apa style

**scholarly sources as well as biblical

Healthcare professionals face ethical questions every day. This is particularly true for those whose scriptural worldview may seem unfamiliar, or even antagonistic, to the secular scientific community. This assignment asks you to research and analyze the ethical issues involved in a health care environment that poses such ethical challenges.

Prompt: The Collins text explores a number of current healthcare topics that present bioethical issues, especially when viewed from a biblical worldview perspective:

  • Medical genetics
  • Personalized medicine
  • DNA testing
  • Stem cells and cloning
  • Genetic enhancement

Select 1 of these topics and provide critical analysis of (i) the ethical issues for society, (ii) the ethical issues for a Christian healthcare professional, and (iii) whether or not a Christian should participate in such efforts, and how they should participate. Upload a Word document copy of the post into SafeAssign for plagiarism review; then, copy and paste the content into the Discussion Board Forum (do not post with attachments). Title your thread with the subject of the analysis and your conclusion (e.g., “Cloning, Ethical”).


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