Interesting Essay Writing Topics for Students in Australia

An essay can only be engaging for the readers during college applications, IELTS or any other academic tests when it’s written on an interesting topic. Students in Australia are expected to write essays on any topic from any subject category. It helps them become versatile and complete their essays, especially a college application effectively and within a time of 30-40 minutes.
Interesting topics for grade-winning essays
Students in Australia should be able to write on any essay writing topics and that too irrespective of the topic category. Two such expected or popular essay topic categories are Education and Government. Some interesting topics under these broad categories are stated below:
1.Essay topics on Education
*What are the factors that bring about academic success for college students?
*Discuss whether students should pay for college athletics or not. Ensure to mention particular benefits or drawbacks.
*Argue on whether remedial classes should be provided to students in college. Make sure that you use lots of solid statistics.
*Should sports classes be given a miss in colleges and high schools for students to concentrate on academic subjects?
*Discuss if iPad classrooms in colleges are good or bad. Use statistics & studies for your support.
*Explore what are the standards that should dictate curriculum in colleges and universities. Ensure to name some of the standards.
*Explore if college students should be completing community service hours as a requirement to complete their graduation. Mention that how many hours you think would be an acceptable figure.
2.Essay topics on Government
*Should rich nations pay much more to create environmental damage?
*Should developing nations focus on promoting education or should they improve industrial skills first?
*What are the things required for a government to do for making a nation successful?
*Should government spend money on space exploration programs?
*In your opinion does the government need to intervene in the rights of any individual with respect to family planning?
*Safety Standards are crucial while building homes for people. Who needs to be responsible for enforcing strict construction codes – The people who build homes or the government in power?
*The best method to lessen the number of traffic accidents is to make all the young drivers complete a safe driving education course before providing them licenses to drive.
These are some trendy essay topics under the categories that impact our lives. It’s obvious that education and government are concepts that help us decide the future course of our lives. Due to this reason, college essays on topics from such categories are being provided to candidates appearing for numerous tests.
One such test is related to college admission. Here, the admission officers want to analyze the knowledge of the student towards issues like education, government, etc. Further, they go on to judge whether the student with such aptitude can contribute to their campus and the degree program or not.
Many students in Australia are unable to prepare their personal statements on such tedious topics. Hence, they prefer to avail college application essay writing service preferably from a reputed Australian brand.
It’s quite a challenge to shortlist an interesting topic for essay writing. Numerous things like the essay title and the content depend on a great topic. The journey towards attaining awesome grades or college admission begins from the essay topic itself.

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