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This project allows you to focus on an interpersonal communication skill (mindful listening, conflict management, effective leadership communication, perception checking, etc.) that you would like to develop. The main objectives of the project are to 1) learn more about a particular interpersonal communication skill; 2) analyze your own abilities and areas for improvement; and 3) work through a process, which includes identifying a problem, developing a plan of action, actively practicing a skill, and evaluating the outcome. There are multiple stages to this project that will be spread out over the course the term. These stages include:

Identify an interpersonal communication skill you want to work on.
Research your interpersonal skill you want to improve.
Seek an outside comparison of your skills.
Develop a plan of action for mindful practice.
Evaluate your progress throughout the term.
Write a final paper that assesses your progress and next steps.
Share ideas for best practices regarding the development of this skill.

The report should include the following:

Introduction section:

Explain what interpersonal communication skill you chose and why you chose it.
Summarize your plan of action

The Body section:

What specific behaviors did you try? In what contexts?
How did you adapt your practice as time went on? Use specific examples.

What were your greatest challenges? How did you overcome these challenges? If you didn’t overcome these challenges, why not?
What were your greatest successes? Use specific examples..

What were some of your challenges regarding the process? Use specific examples.
How comfortable were you throughout the experience? Why?

Explain what you did and what the outcome was
Explain how much progress you made.
Describe how successful you were with the process we used for this project.

Conclusion section:

What have you learned about yourself by honestly assessing your behaviors and attitudes each week?
How do you believe this project/assessment will help you in your current and future relationships? Use specific examples.
What changes would you make if you were to do this project over again? Why?

Bring some closure to the paper by summarizing what this information means and what your next steps are.

Other Requirements:

Maintain college-level writing standards throughout the paper. (Clear organization, effective word choice, appropriate spelling and punctuation, typed, double-spaced, APA format.)
Paper should be 3-4 pages (double-spaced, 12 point type, 1” margins)
Paper should reflect thorough analysis and reflection (correct use of terminology, strong supporting examples, strong application of course concepts, etc.).
You should use specific examples throughout the paper, especially for the questions that ask for them.
Paper should be in essay format rather than a list of answers to the questions listed above.

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