Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB)

The Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade(IIPB).
The Islamic International peacemaking brigade also was known as the Islamic peacekeeping army. Itwas commemorated after an Islamism terrorist system which was founded in 1998.
It includes militants of between 400 to 1500 personnel, who are avars and darginians. There are also Arabs, Turks, and foreign fighters. Its leaders were ChechenBasayev and Al-Khattab.In this group Al-Khattab was active, but they were killed by Russian armies (“Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB)”2016)
The IIPB was one of some three groups which were part of Chechen guerillas that had attacked and sieged Moscow Dubrovkat theater and abducted 800 hostages in October 2002.Since then the Chechnya now falls under the command of Abu-al –Urduniwho took leadership in 2014 when Khattab died. Itwas written under EO 13224 in February and part of Taliban associations.
The IIPM’S membership has Chenchenfighters. Their main objective is to establish an independent state that has religious ideologies of Wahhabism. This IIPM is funded by contacts from the serial killer Osama bin Laden.
This Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade is also known as the International Islamic group, an army battalion. It is indeed an active group comprised in 1998. (“Islamic international peacekeeping Brigade: The investigative project on Terrorism”2016)
How was it formed?
The IIPB terrorist faction, with the so-called separatist movement, wanted an Islamic state in the North Caucasus. Hence, the then leader Basayev established this group making an inclusion of this other groups like the Chenchen and Turks. It is also through working closely with the Republic of Ichkeria that they initiated a rebel against the Russian Federation. In2004, theChenchen forces of theRepublic of Ichkeria absorbed Arab fighters in the north of Caucasus hence integration. (PaulMurphy 2004)
These groups were also formed tobe governed by Islamic fundamentalist law(sharia), hence influencing other foreign groups. They also seekalliance with the then Serial leader and most wanted man in the world Osama bin Laden. Hence, they gained operation, finances, and military reinforcement. The establishment of common training camps brought this groups in the south eastern part of Chechnya.
They also were formed when they united in attacks to the Russian assets and their numerous incursions.
The objective of the formation.
They wanted to form adistinctstate, which will be ruled by purely Islamic fundamentalist laws. They also wanted to intimidate the Russian government to withdraw absolute Russian forces from Chechnya and recognize it as a purely independent state.
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Due to the changes in leadership overtime, the objectives too changed. They have carried out frequent attacks to the Russian government in the bid to campaign for unity of Islamic factions. Due to the untimely loss of their influential and powerful leaders. They have sought for total vengeance against the Russian government and ultimately instill fear to the regions of Moscow. (“Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB)2016)
Operational structure.
They are mainly situated in the northern part that is Caucasus. The IIPB mainly has targeted the Dagestan, which ensued a thorough war in Chechen.
Their attacks are mainly directed to the Russian government, for instance, they attacked Moscow Dubrovka theater and abducted 800 hostages.
The main base is the Chechnya because they are in need to make the state independent and be separated from other Russian states. This operational structures, however, have led to the death of their influential leaders like moversuleimanov Barayev killed in 2002. (Paul Murphy 2004)
Ibn Al-Khattab was the leader from 1998 to 2002.He was a Saudi Arabian, who was in collaboration with Chenchen and made frequent attacks to the Russian Federation till he was killed in 2002.
Shamir Basayev was the successor of Khattab and was a rebel, he also was part of the Taliban too till 2006.
Abu Al Wald was a Saudi Arabian who was there from (2002 to 2004)
Abu-Al-Urdin was the successor of Abu. (“Islamic InternationalPeacekeepingBrigade (IIPB)”2016)
The targets of this group were the Russian Federationfor it to recognize the independence of Chechnya and remove all the Russian and Western forces from Chechnya.
By use of abduction and hostages, they threatened the Russian government.
Area of operation.
They are located in Russia and the northern part of Caucasus they are also in the mountains of thesouth of Chechnya and conducting their activities in the states of Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.
Goals of IIPB.
The International Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB) was formed to create an independent Chechnya. This ground agitated armed rebelling against the Russian Federation and the formation of an Islamic state under Sharia.
The successes canbe equatedregarding the major attacks they have done, to push the Russian government to give them Chechnya as an independent State. The first attack was in Dagestan in 1998 August.
The second attack was in Moscow 26 2002 when they made an attack on the Moscow Dubrovka theater and abducting 800 people. (PaulMurphy)
All this long the group has worked in the quest to frustrate the Russian Federation by maiming the citizens of the republic of Russia, targeting government systems has been their best methods, so far they have had a number of successes because it has forced the Russian government to invest heavily in the military power and technology in order to stop these brutal wolves who have ravaged the country with care and all sorts of attacks.
Indeed, they have sent a point home that, they need the government to listen to their demands, of making the Chechnya a state that is independent, and governed by purely Islamic fundamentalist laws. However, the group has too had its setbacks when the Russian armies have invaded their camps and giving the pillars or masterminds of all theseattacks. Theirinfluential leaders have been killed leaving them without a plan and on the objectives to be accomplishedduring such a time.
All in all, I consider it a success to this groups because the world itself has felt the pain of their attacks.
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