kevin thinking about climbing mt everest he estimates it will take himself 144 hours climb

#1) Kevin is thinking about climbing Mt. Everest. He estimates that it will take himself 144 hours to climb to the top. If the height of Mt. Everest is 2.9 x 10^4 ft, how fast can he climb?
a. 6.71 inches per second
b. 67.1 inches per second
c. 0.671 inches per second
d. 0.0671 inches per second
#2) Kevin is thinking about cycling around the globe. If the world is approximately 2.5 x 10^4 miles around. How long will it take Kevin to bike around the world if he can average 4 x10^-3 miles per second?
a. 6.25 million seconds
b. 62.5 million seconds
c. 625 million seconds
d. 0.625 million seconds
3#) Kevin recently found out that a new record was set for swimming the distance between Alcatraz and San Francisco of 37 minutes. He wants to beat that time by 4 minutes. How fast must he swim to cover the 8.2 x 10^3 feet in his goal time?
a. 6.9 feet per second
b. 0.069 feet per second
c. 0.69 feet per second
c. 0.69 feet per second
#4) Kelly suggests that Kevin compete in an Ironman triathlon. He likes the idea and decides to look into it. He founds out that a Ironman triathlon has 3 different components to it. The swimming component covers 3.86 x 10^3 meters, the biking portion is 180.25 x 10^3 meters and the running part is 42.2 x 10^3 meters. How long will it take Kevin to finish the race if he can swim 9.6 x 10^3 meters/hour, bike 3.2 x 10^4 meters/hour, and run 1.6 x 10^4 meters/hour? Round to the nearest whole number.
a. 8 hours
b. 9 hours
c. 10 hours
d. 7 hours

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