Lab Analysis

  1. How much heat in joules and in calories must be added to a 75.0-g iron block with a specific heat of 0.449
    j/g Celsius degree to increase its temperature from 25 degree Celsius to its melting temperature of 1535
    degree Celsius?
  2. An aluminum kettle weighs 1.05 kg
    a. What is heat capacity of the kettle?
    b. How much heat is required to increase the temperature of this kettle from 23.0 Celsius degree to 99.0
    Celsius degree?
    c. How much heat is required to heat this kettle from 23.0 Celsius to 99.0 degree Celsius if it contains 1.25 L of
    water (density of 0.997 g/mL and a specific heat of 4.184 J/g Celsius degree?
  3. A 45-g aluminum spoon ( specific heat 0.88 J/g degree Celsius) at 24 degree Celsius placed in 180mL
    (180g) of coffee at 85 degree Celsius and the temperature of the two become equal.

a. What is the final temperature when the two become equal? Assume that coffee has the same specific heat
as water.
b. The first time a student solved this problem she got an answer of 88 degree Celsius. Explain why this is
clearly an incorrect answer.

  1. When 1.0 g of fructose C6H12O6(s) a sugar commonly found in fruits is burned in oxygen in a bomb
    calorimeter the temperature of the calorimeter increases by 1.58 degree Celsius. If the heat capacity of the
    calorimeter and its content is 9.90 kJ/ degree Celsius what is q for this combustion?
  2. How much heat is produced by combustion of 125 g of methanol under standard state conditions?
  3. Calculate (it looks like a slated triangle next to this equation) H298 (there is a degree sign next to the h) for
    the process Zn(s) + S(s)+ 2O2(g)——->ZnSO4(s)
    from the following information
    Zn(s) + S(s)——-> ZnS(s) (slated triangle)H298 (there is a degree sign next to the h)= -206.0kJ
    Zns(s) + 2O2(g)——>ZnSO4(s) (slated triangle)H298 (there is a degree sign next to the h)= -776.8kJ
    Chapter 6
  4. Answer the following questions about a Blu-ray laser
    a. The laser on a Blu-ray player has a wave length of 405nm. In what region of the electromagnetic spectrum is
    this radiation? What is its frequency?
    b. A Blu-ray laser has a power of 5 milliwatts (1 watt= 1 J s-1) How many photons of light are produced by the
    laser in 1 hour?
    c. The ideal resolution of a player using a laser (such as a Blu-ray player) which determines how close together
    data can be stored on a compact disk is determined using the following formula Resolution = 0.60(NA) where A
    is the wavelength of the laser and NA is the numerical aperture. Numerical aperture is a measure of the size of
    the spot light on the disk ; the larger the NA the smaller the spot. In a typical Blu-ray system NA= 0.95 if the
    405-nm laser is used in a Blu-ray player, What is the closest that information can be stored on a Blu-ray disk?
    d. The data density of a Blu-ray disk using a 405-nm laser is 1.5×107 bits mm-2. Disks have an outside
    diameter of 120mm and a hole of 15-mm diameter. How many data bits can be contained on the disk? If a Bluray disk can hold 9,400,000 pages of text how many data bits are needed for a typed page?
  5. Using the Bohr model , determine the lowest possible energy in joules for the electron in the Li2+ ion.
  6. Using the Bohr model, determine the energy in joules of the photon produced when an electron in a He+
    ion moves from the orbit with n=5 to the orbit with n=2
  7. What are the allowed values for each of the four quantum numbers n, l, ml, and ms?
  8. State the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Describe briefly what the principle implies
    54 Using complete subshell notation (1s2 2s2 2p6, and so forth) predict the electron configuration sof the
    following ions.
    10/4/2020 Order 327361246 3/3
    a. N3-
    b. Ca2+
    c. Sd. Cs2+
    e. Cr2+
    f Gd 3+

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