Lab -LAMPApps

In order for you to do this lab you may need to look over lab 4 and edit to make functional based on previous requirments not met by last teach.
To start, this weeks Lab is attached and is called Lab -LAMPApps and all screen shots can be placed in the word document called williamclementsSDEV300Lab8. However, this week is to add in the SQL Database.
On last 2 or last page only  where it says Lab Submission details is where the directions are for the lab. The rest is practice basically.
Directions do say to use the files/webpages from lab4 but I have attached Lab – Web Page Foundations (DFDF) & week2 zip file of those localhost files/webpages of my website as this is where it started. However, my files for it would probably not work anyways for implementing everything but it also attached.
Last but not least, you can see requirements for week 4 as regards to my website which the person I paid for competely changes and if it is usable with editing then feel free to do so. A lot seems to still not work from lab for but it is attached called Lab – PHP and Web Forms (PDF) & the file name is a zip file called fashion and is attached.
be sure the requirements for that lab are edited/working for this before going on to the Lab -LAMPApps and implementing the SQL database.
If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to let me know!

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