Man Is the Measure of All Things

What is your stance on the statement: “Man is the measure of all things”. Is man the measure of all things? “Is
the “Truth” of Protagoras truth, or is it only a sort of solemn jest”? “Is knowledge Perception”? What is the
measure of a man? Write a post in which you develop your point of view on this issue, and how this view is
applicable in contemporary thought or society. Was Protagoras right to claim that man is the measure of all
things? Is man the measure of his own wisdom? Plato states, “no man can judge of another’s experience
better than the man himself, and no man is in a better position to consider whether another’s opinion is true or
false than the man himself”.
Although objective reality exists and an ‘Objective Truth” may even exist, these things will be interpreted and
understood differently by each person experiencing them. Is There Only One ‘Truth’? Many of us accept certain
scientific facts as being indisputable, but they may not be widely accepted. In religion, what is true for one
group may be unaccepted by other groups. In politics, alternative truths and fake news have become the order
of the day. What is the truth? Is there only one truth? The truth is a fact or belief that is accepted as being true
by the society and the individual mentality that one lives in. Is there, in fact, no single truth?
Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or
observations. This post should answer and discuss the question given: “What is your position and view on the
statement: “Man is the measure of all things”, in addition to answering the question in “mini –essay” format.
Discuss its relevance to today’s society and whether you think he was right, if so to what extent? And vice
versa. More than ever, perception is reality. The truth is variable, and in many cases, tends to be different for
everyone. The most recent and applicable example of there being multiple “truths” lies in the politics of our day.
We live in a country where the truth is regularly being disputed. Who could have thought that just two years
ago there could be “fake news” and “alternative truths?”

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