Measuring the political rights

Citation system: (Writer surname, year of publishing, Page number)
Number of pages 6, 5.5 for the main text and 0.5 for references
Total required references: 15, type of references at least 8 articles 2 books are able.
General description:
The essay aims to demonstrate how political rights measuring by using different indexes. It will be found that there is not any special index to measure political rights, it is involving in the different indexes of measuring democracy. Thus, it should be explained how to measure political rights by explaining the different measures of democracy indexes. Moreover, it should explain what is the methodology used in these measures, and the assessment of these methodologies?  There are various studies that assess the measures used in democracy indexes; therefore, the essay should present different scientific opinions in the literature on the abovementioned measures. Thus, the essay should cover the following point:   
1.    Review of the approaches to measure the political rights (1 page using 5 references)
2.    Measuring Political Rights (1.5 pages using at least 10 references)
3.    The assessment of the different measures of political rights (3 pages using at least 10 references). 


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