media planning and buying 2

Assignment description:

The purpose of this assignment is to let you critically analyze ideas and concepts discussed in the class. You are expected to work in teams of two students (minimum) and up to four (maximum).

• Please employ the concepts and approaches presented in lectures, readings, prescribed text (Media Handbook by Helen Katz) and class discussions in your responses.

Process: Answer any 3 questions

Q1– List 3 examples of product placement you have seen in any media type. Explain whether you think it worked or not both for the advertiser and the consumer. (700 words max)

Q2-Describe the phenomenon of word-of-mouth advertising in context of social media. Is it more bad than good for the brands? Elaborate with examples. (700 words max)

Q3– Approximately 25 FTA (Free to Air) channels share the majority of all ad revenue in the region, meaning the other 875+ FTA channels require deep pockets or have to be a part of a larger bouquet of channels to survive. Elaborate who are these majority players and what kind of content is dominating the airwaves? (700 words max)

Q4-Comment on the phenomenon of subliminal advertising. Elaborate with examples. (700 words max)


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