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 There is no method section in the Sample APA paper attached below. Write a Method section for the paper based on the following research question: “What are the factors associated with online purchases?” For this assignment, you can use the information included in the original paper, but you will also need to do original writing to fully develop the Method section.

The Method section should be divided into two categories with different emphases: 1) describing participants, and 2) describing the procedure. Within those two broad categories, you should include subsections that address the following elements: 1) experimental manipulations or interventions, 2) sampling procedures/size, 3) measurement approaches, and 4) research design/procedure.


Be sure to state the methodology clearly so that the study is understandable and repeatable.

As part of this assignment, you should also create a survey that attempts to answer the research question.


You are not required to conduct the research; simply create the survey.

Review the grading rubric also attached below for the grading criteria.



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