Montana Tech Human Resource Management Paper

Answer all of the following questions in a word document. A minimum of 1200 words must be submitted, preferably, approximately 200 words each. Your answers must be in your own words and all sources must be cited. You cannot cut/paste and then cite the source. This assignment will be submitted through turnitin plagiarism checker.

1. Research the following two websites and answer the following questions:

a. – What is SHRM and what services does it provide to its members?

b. – What certification is available for human resource professionals? What are the requirements to become certified?

2. How has technology such as social networks influenced collaboration and teamwork in the workplace?

3. Research civility in the workplace. Describe why this is an important issue in today’s workplace and how employers can influence employee behavior.

4. In a disparate treatment case, what four things does the plaintiff have to show to meet the prima facie burden? Give an example.

5. Describe the Americans with Disabilities Act. Include reasonable accommodation, qualified applicant, and essential job duties in your answer.

6. Discuss the four major components of an Occupational Safety and Health Act inspection.


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