Music Within

You will need to watch the movie: Music Within (2007).
As you watch this movie, pay attention to how different disabilities are viewed and how individuals are treated.
Make sure you list the question number.
Make sure you provide examples from the movie when answering questions.
PWD: Persons With Disabilities
PWOD: Persons Without Disabilities 

1. Give examples of the different types of disabilities shown in this movie.
2. What are some of the reactions towards individuals based on the type of disability they have (how are people with different disabilities treated)?
3. Give an example of where an individual had a positive and negative reaction toward their own disability (how individuals felt about disability in a positive/negative way).
4. What are some of the barriers in this movie that prohibit individuals with disabilities from participating fully in society? These barriers can be attitudinal, environmental, societal, etc.
5. Provide an example of how a PWD in the movie was impacted negatively financially because of their disability? Think of things they may have had to purchase that PWOD wouldn’t have to. Think about how their ability to work and/or find a job was impacted?
6. How did policy/laws for PWD impact individuals in the movie?
7. Give examples about the disability history we learned that relates to this movie.
8. What are your thoughts and reactions to this movie?


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