music write a one page double spaced reaction on the reading

“Song of the Blind Minstrel – The Bauls of India and Bangladesh”

Read the chapter “Song of the Blind Minstrel” by William Dalrymple. (You’ll find it in the India module on Canvas). Write a one-page double spaced reaction. Some questions you might try to answer:

1. What is a Baul?

2. What is the Baul lifestyle and philosophy?

3. Who can become a Baul? Is it hereditary or can anyone choose that life?

4. What kind of music do Bauls make?

5. How are Bauls thought of by the general public? What do people like or dislike about them?

6. Why was the man, Debdas, so set on becoming a Baul? What attracted him? Why did his family reject him?

7. Feel free to address other aspects of the chapter that you find interesting.


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