must have access to jstor or google scholar

For this week, you are to draw on content in chapter 21, along with one additional supplemental source from JSTOR or Google Scholar. You are to answer the question using APA rules of citation. Remember, do not cite the full textbook, only the chapter and specific pages. Resources for APA are located in the Research Folder for you to review. Consider this practice for you research papers due next week. (2-3 PARAGRAPHS)

Draw an argument that answers the following question: Was the Progressive Party a stronger political response and ally to suffrage and racial justice reform movements when compared to the Republican Party? Consider why former republican members left to join the progressive movement and aligned with Roosevelt’s vision. In making your argument, draw on one of the two major civil rights grassroots pioneers to illustrate successes or failures of reform:

  1. W.E.B Dubois’s approach to reforms for African Americans


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