My Computer Has No Sound, What Do I Do?

Many people complain about the sound problems in their computer and one of the common problems is no sound. Here are some solutions to the problem “no sound in the computer”.

There may be two reasons for any problem in a computer. The first reason is software problem and the second is the hardware problem. You need to know whether your computer is having problem with hardware or software. The hardware problems relate to the speakers and sound card in the computer. And, the software problem is related to the audio driver.

There are many reasons why your computer does not have sound and the solution differs with every problem.

Sometimes without knowing you might have muted the sound on your sound icon on your desktop. Click on the icon which is on the tool bar and unmute the sound.

The next problem is connectivity of the speakers to your computer. You might have not connected the speakers properly to the computer. You might have connected the wrong port to the sound card. The wire to the speakers might have been disconnected and there may be electric problems in the speakers. Check if there are any loose connections and the connection of the audio output port to the sound card.

If the speakers are working alright, you need to check the signal of the audio output card. Connect the headset to the audio output port of the sound card and check it. Make sure that the sound devices and the drivers are installed properly. Reinstall the audio driver with the installation CD.

If all the above solutions are done and you still have problem with sound in your computer, you have to go for a computer technician. The sound card should be replaced and it should be compatible with your motherboard. A new sound card costs around $60.

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