Need help with a chemistry test

Hello, need help with a chemistry test online.

The exam will include the following topics

1. Using specific heat to calculate heat absorption and loss from given mass and temperature change

2. Calculating a temperature change from a given heat change, mass and specific heat

3. Drawing and understanding heat curves

4. Phase change calculations from given heats of fusion and vaporization

5. Naming ionic and covalent compounds

6. Writing formulas of ionic and simple covalent compounds

7. Lewis structures and molecular shapes of covalent compounds.

8. Empirical formulas

9 Molecular formulas

10. molar mass, subscripts and Avogadro’s number as conversion factors

11. Structure of the nucleus and isotopes

12. Electron configurations and the periodic table

13. Periodic trends in the periodic table.

This is the link to the test…

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