No intro, no conclusion. Only answer question thoroughly yet concisely about important information.

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No intro, no conclusion. Only answer question thoroughly yet concisely about important information. Total of 320 words minimum.WEB SITE: Internet has greatly expanded the potential scope of business advertising. Business managers and owners should be aware, however, that rules governing deceptive advertising also apply to advertising and marketing on the Internet. To assist both businesses and consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prepared special guidelines titled “Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road.” Go to the web site listed above and read through these guidelines. Then answer the following questions: 1. The Federal Trade Commission Act empowered the FTC to take action to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices. When will the FTC consider a representation, omission, or practice to be deceptive? When will the FTC consider an act or practice to be unfair?2. When is a claim misleading? What example does this document give of a misleading claim?3. Sellers are responsible for the claims that they make about their products and services. In what circumstances might third parties, such as advertising agencies or Web site designers and catalog marketers, also be liable for disseminating deceptive representations? What can these parties do to avoid liability for deceptive advertising?4. According to this document, “The Internet provides unprecedented opportunities for the collection and sharing of information from and about consumers.” What has the FTC done to protect the privacy rights of consumers?
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