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Choose a topic of your interest that reflect a quantitative research. Your initial topic may be broad and you will have to narrow it down to a more specific, researchable study. This is just a proposal.
A quantitative example could be the efficiency of a particular nursing care on reducing the anxiety of elderly men in hospital for a prostatectomy.
This paper will be written in 4 sections
In Part 1 of the research paper, students need to write about these following steps for a quantitative research proposal paper by:
Introducing the research topic, formulating a research problem, defining the quantitative research methodology, research design, completing a literature review using 4 peer-reviewed resources, presenting the research purpose, and developing a hypothesis for a quantitative study addressing a clinical problem.
Please use the headings below for your paper:
Research Topic
Research Problem
Research Purpose
Research Design (A design that you decide to use for example, quasi-experimental, experimental, And Descriptive. See textbook for more designs.
Literature Review (using 4 peer-reviewed resources)
Paper should be at least 4 pages in length, plus cover page and references page(s)
detail documentation attached.
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