One-paragraph description of “Why” question, assignment help

Each student will write a research paper of at least seven to eight pages (double-spaced) (2,000 words maximum) on a “why” question. It should consider a major process or problem in a specific geographical region (not necessarily a country) in the time period 1250 to 1914. In most cases, the process or problem, articulated in terms of a “why” question, will relate to economic, political, and/or social change in your chosen area. Your paper needs to include the following elements.
1. A possible explanation (hypothesis) regarding a particular process or problem based on yourunderstanding of the relevant issue, time period, and region.
2. Data and information to support your hypothesis.
3. Analysis of how your evidence supports your hypothesis and explains the
process or problem you are tackling in the paper.
One key to this assignment is the selection of the economic, political, or social changes to be explained and their location in a specific world area and time period. Please consult with your TA before making your final selection. Keep in mind that some countries in existence today did not in earlier times, and some that existed before have changed or disappeared. In the spirit of the course, your paper should provide an analytical answer to your why question and go beyond a simple description of events.
The Term Paper has three components: an initial one-paragrah description; a first draft; and a final paper (see below).
This time the requirement is only to write One-paragraph description of “Why” question.

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