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Material textbook is Shockley-Zalabak, P. S. (2015). Fundamentals of organizational communication (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN: 9780205980079.

Write a paper (1–-4 pages in length for part 1 and 2) 1st part describing the organizations you are involved with, and how organization communication impacts the effectiveness of those organizations. End part 1 with a statement describing what interests you the most about the subject of organizational communication.

Part 2 should start with the following: Choose a communication situation you recently experienced at your workplace or other organization you are affiliated with. Use the human communication process described in your text, starting on page 11, “Human Communication: Message and Constitutive Processes,” to analyze why—or why not—a shared reality was experienced as an end result. Summarize page 4 with your experience and include your analysis as an attachment. Consider the following items in your analysis:

    • Identify the source and the receiver, and relates to overall communication situation.
    • What was the message and what type of message function was it serving?
    • How was it encoded? In addition, how relationship to construction of shared reality?
    • How was it decoded? In addition, how relationship to construction of shared reality?
    • What channel was used to transmit the message? In addition, explains the relationship to construction of shared reality.
    • What type of noise was experienced? In addition, describes its impact on the meaning of message?
    • Comment on the competencies, fields of experience, and culture of the participants involved.
    • Identify the communication context of this situation.
    • What was the intended effect versus the actual effect of the message? And explain its relationship to creation of shared reality
    • Was a shared reality constructed? If not, what needed to change?


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