Paper Ribbon

What is paper ribbon? Don’t be thrown off by the name, it’ not fragile thin ribbon. They are hardy sometimes crinkly ribbons with many uses. These ribbons are wonderful when tied around packages and give a more organic feel to any project. Here are some uses for this wonderful ribbon.

Twisted Paper Ribbon

Paper ribbon is often sold in a twine like form. The paper is twisted into a cord and can be very sturdy for gift wrapping and packages. Although sold tightly twisted up in a rope form they can be untwisted to make fabulous creped bows. Sometimes average bows made of fabric ribbon fall flat. These paper ribbon bows hold their form well and won’t disappoint.

Paper twist ribbon comes in many colors and patterns. They are made from 100% natural fibers making them an eco-friendly option for those trying to be green. You can also buy in bulk and save. They store easily and can be quickly accessed in times of need.

Adhesive Paper Ribbon

Paper made ribbon is also a very practical item for scrapbooking and card making. It’s a little different then the cord type, this kind of paper ribbon is more like a roll of cut paper. They often have patterns cut into them and some even have a sticky backing on them. This kind of adhesive paper ribbon is a great option for scrapbooking and card making because it sticks to the pages and will remain in place over time. These also come in many different colors with different patterns and sizes. Shop the scrapbook isle or look in your local craft store.

Ribbon Flowers

The most common patterns for ribbon folding include flowers such as roses and daisies. Ribbon roses make use of poly satin paper ribbon twisted into a ball forming in the shape of a rose bud. To make a daisy bow, cut several strips. Then fold each strip in half creating the petals and secure each around the middle to create a center knot.

Poly satin ribbons are also easy to curl to give a professional finish to your wrapped present. Use the edge of a scissor blade to make a corkscrew bow. Slide the ribbon between your thumb and the blade and the ribbon will curl. Another creative use is to create a trendy present using the candy stripes technique. Cut pieces long enough to cover the dimensions of your present. Experiment with different colors and widths. Layer the ribbons creating a striped pattern. Use double- sided tape to fasten them into your present. This is a great method for presents you are planning on shipping in the mail. If you try to put a bow on top it will almost definitely get squished before it arrives at its destination.

Ribbons made out of paper come in many forms and makes a great accent to your wrapping or crafting project. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them. The uses are almost endless. Paper ribbon is very versatile and is one of the most economical choices available.

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