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Build a logistics planning tool that captures key planning considerations relevant to one of the four stages of the mission life cycle: the pre-planning phase, mission start-up, mandate implementation phase, or transition.
This assignment helps you achieve our first course objective (CO-1): Prepare a logistics planning tool that captures key planning considerations for the four stages of the mission life cycle, to include: the pre-planning phase, mission start-up, mandate implementation phase, and transition.
Formatting Requirements: 1-2 page graph, checklist, Excel spreadsheet, or worksheet with 1-2 pages of detailed instructions on how to use the tool. Please use Arial or Times New Roman font, with sentencing double-spaced, for your instructions.
Research Requirements: There are no research requirements for this assignment because you are developing a practical tool that can be used in the logistics field. However, I would encourage you to conduct some research to identify comparable planning tools/checklists to use as a model or to generate ideas for your own planning tool. The POTI text will also offer you insight on the types of information that need to be gathered for each stage in the mission life cycle. Here are a couple of sample logistics planning tools to get you started:
Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Publication 4-08
Please note: You are not required to develop a tool as complex as what is contained in these samples! Your tool will only pertain to one phase of the mission life cycle. Carve out a specific area that requires data collection, equipment monitoring, or a checklist for logistics planning purposes. The point of this exercise is to get you thinking about the type of data/ information that is needed for logistics planning in peace operations.
Citation Requirements: If you do incorporate sources in your work, please credit all sources in text with parenthetical citations. Include full citations to all sources quoted or summarized in the paper, following Turabian’s parenthetical citation/reference list style of citation, in a Reference List at the end of your paper.
Grading Rubric:



Accomplished 11-15





Content/Subject Knowledge

Critical Thinking Skills

Organization of Ideas/Format

Writing Conventions


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