personal statement essay for doctorate program

Please provide an essay where you explain your personal statement of being in a Doctor of Technology Management program and how you plan on being successful in navigating these rigors. 2000-3000 words.

Below are some questions that may help you as you begin to form your response:

  • What research have you done on doctoral education?
  • What first interested in you in wanting to pursue a doctorate?
  • What made you choose this specific program?
  • What’s your understanding of what it takes to complete a doctoral degree?
  • What do you want this degree to do for you that you cannot do with your current credentials?
  • How much time per week are you planning to spend on your studies?
  • In what ways do you have the support of the people around you?
  • What arrangements have you made with your family to ensure that you have the time and resources to complete this program?
  • Does your family understand your commitment to completing a PhD?
  • What activity(i.e.) in your life are you planning to give up having the time and energy to complete this program?
  • How will completing this degree enhance your personal and professional life?

Essay Requirements:

  • Adhere to a standard essay format that demonstrates complete and coherent statements that can be understood with relative ease.
  • Appropriately organized into paragraphs showing consistent command of word usage, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, and spelling.
  • Must directly address the topic; there is no “wrong answer;” however, it must be clear that you have constructed an essay around this topic.
  • Cutting and pasting of material from other work is not permitted and will not be accepted.


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