Poems for Funerals

Poems for funerals are essential. Why? Funerals are devastating occasions but have you ever thought of using poems to make them special and sentimental? The absence of a loved one is felt more deeply when a rhythmical and artistic piece of writing is used to express your feelings. There are many types which you can consider e.g. themes of recollecting special memories, missing you, resting in peace, reuniting soon etc.

You might want to use the poem of James Whitcomb Riley, a well-known American poet. It is called ‘Away’. The reason why it is a good selection is because it conveys the message that the lady who has passed away in reality is not really gone. It implies that it cannot and will not claim that she is dead but she is away at a blissful land instead. The key is to note the requirements of that particular utopia possibly being very fair because it has given an equally fair lady a special place there. If you are wishing for her return then think of it this way that she has moved on and the love still remains the same. All in all, she is just somewhere else. A similar poem in this category is ‘His Journey’s Just Begun’.

An anonymous poem which asks you to forget everything is Let Me Go. It states that the departed soul and the person remembering him or her have shared lots of joyful moments while experiencing pain in some cases. They have been together in both the rain and the sunshine. However, they have been separated from each other though it is only temporary. The person resting in peace claims that they are not alone as the one remembering them is always in their heart. Also, the message conveyed is that death comes at once and whatever is forgotten is not possible without a remedy.

It is important to note that the former is told to smile when thinking of the latter as their arrival is awaited. The poem ends by stating that there are many things which the lamenting person has to accomplish while developing at the same time. So it is best that they get happy, busy and move on with life while missing the dead but letting them to go. A similar poem to this includes Miss Me, But Let Me Go.

More popular choices include No Night Without, Peace My Heart, Requiem, Resurrection etc. Just make sure that you choose the most suitable and touching ones.

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