Police use of force | Criminal homework help

A policy research paper has been assigned for this course.  The policy research paper will critically analyze the practical applicability of a specific criminal justice policy. 
Title Page: Include name, title of topic, course number, course name, and semester.
Problem Statement: State the policy that will be addressed and why this policy has been chosen for review.
Introduction: Provide a brief overview of your paper.  The introduction serves a roadmap for your audience.
Policy Presentation: Research the policy/strategy/act so that your audience can be informed of the facts that led to the policy.  Make sure that you clearly define the policy that you have selected.  Provide the historical and legislative context of the policy.  Be sure to include relevant facts that led to the policy since factual information adds credibility to your review.  Facts will also support your proposed solution to the problem that the policy attempts to address.
Theoretical Influence: Discuss at least one theoretical assumption that influenced the implementation of the crime control policy/strategy/act that you have selected.  Make sure that your review of the theory is thorough. In your discussion,be sure to include any counter arguments that were made against the theory that you have chosen.
Policy Critique: Begin your critique by stating the problem or benefit that this policy presents and how it affects all who are involved (e.g., the community,the offender, the victim and the criminal justice system).For example, if you believe that the policy/strategy/act is ineffective, state that. If you believe that the policy has been effective, state that.  Be sure that you use data to support your rationale.
Proposed Solution:If you conclude that the policy has been ineffective, propose a solution(s) to address the problem that the policy sought to correct.  If you conclude that the policy has been effective, propose means in which the policy can be enhanced.  Make sure that you present research and facts that support your proposal (e.g., crime statistics, national or local crime events, other credible research, successful policies, political debate, etc.). Finally, state how your solutions or enhancements can be implemented. 
Conclusion: Write a short conclusion. Keep your conclusion to a paragraph or two that summarizes all of the information you have stated and presented in your policy review.
References: Cite your sources using the APA format.  Any factual information cited in your paper from other sources must be documented.  The body of your paper must include in-text citations.  All of the sources that you cited in the body of your paper must be provided in a separate reference page at the end of your paper.  Again, please adhere to the APA format.

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