Policy Analysis

Use an existing homeland security-related policy to present a minimum of five-double-spaced pages of narrative presenting the legal basis for the policy.  A separate title page and reference page must be included which do not count toward the five page requirement.  You are required to research and cite a minimum of four scholarly sources.  At least one source will be a legal source.
Grades are based on the following:
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  • Identification of the legal basis for the policy
  • Fully performing the task assigned
  • Offering creative and/or critical opinions
  • Expressing yourself clearly and concisely
  • Forming logical arguments and conclusions
  • Grammar and compliance to APA (6th)

The basis for each topic will be supported by a relevant law, statue, or regulation. The list below are suggested homeland security legal and political issues.

  • Federalism
  • Fourth Amendment/Due process/Habeas corpus
  • Military tribunals
  • Enemy combatants
  • Rendition
  • Interrogation techniques (i.e., torture)
  • Domestic intelligence operations
  • Domestic military operations
  • Domestic surveillance
  • Immigration
  • U.S. Constitution and Homeland Security
  • Emergency management
  • Privacy/civil liberties
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Transportation security
  • Border security

Recommended format for the essay:

  1. Background:  Brief overview of the subject discussed in your paper.
  2. Hypothesis/Argument:  Your thesis statement or the question you seek to answer in your paper.
  3. Analysis:  Make your case.  Support or explain your position by using the research or opinions of other scholars.  Also, identify counter arguments and explain why they do not detract from your position.  This section will make up the majority of the paper.
  4. Conclusion:  Summarize your findings.

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