I just need the first three parts (Abstract- Overview- Historical roots)

Attached you can find my policy and my presentation about it.

Also I attached a sample of the work

Policy White Paper:

This paper is formed from the case law discussed in class. Each student will analyze a case and how it impacts current federal state or local education policy. In this analysis, the student will explore the roots of the case which should include but not be limited to the facts, jurisdiction and the court hearing the case. Thereafter the paper should discuss how the case law resulted in the educational policy. In this paper, each student should thoroughly examine the foundations of the policy and identify the stakeholder’s implicit and explicit values. Your description must include the historical development of the policy and its context. Following a complete discussion of the case law and resulting policy, the paper should include a detailed set of policy recommendations for the future.

The policy white paper must include:

  1. Abstract- Provide a written summary (not to exceed 300 words) of the case law and resulting policy selected for the study. Identify the selected case and resulting policy, supporting legislation, or guiding authority, and context (federal or state). You must draft a policy.
  2. Overview- Define the problem that this policy is meant to solve.
  3. Historical Roots- Discuss the ideology of the time that the case developed and the resulting policy was introduced. Describe the context leading to the problem identification; discuss the policy objectives; identify the stakeholders (wherever they may fall in the debate of the issue(s).

Do not forget the references

APA style please


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