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discuss the practical challenges facing members of the defense bar in each of the areas listed below: Balancing family demands, law practice…December 22, 2020 
I have the diagram for this project and I will inbox you the topic.
This week, you create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint for your IT project. The presentation would be intended to your management to keep them abreast of the project. The Presentation must include a Name/Title slide/introduction, 5 slides on the theme of the project, and a bibliography slide (with at least 3 good and relevant references). You are encouraged to keep the slides simple, and use the Notes sections of the slides to include descriptive details and references! You are also encouraged to use graphics, images, audio-visuals, and any other features that may help enhance your presentation. It’s required to draw a diagram that illustrates the project, and include it in the presentation. You may use use Visio or any other drawing tool.
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