Powerpoint need by tomorrow‼️ | Criminal homework help

Below are general guidelines and instructions to get you started on the presentation/project. I will post the more formalized instructions as well as a video with more detailed instructions on eCourses in the Presentation Module when I post the rubric.
Students are expected to create a visual presentation (PowerPoint, Presi.com) and record themselves giving a 10 presentation.  Pick a country discussed in class (e.g. Egypt) or the textbook (except the U.S. and Japan). You will need to research the country’s criminal justice system and report the information in your PowerPoint/recorded presentation.  Make sure you discuss the following:

The legal tradition of your country
The police structure of your country
The court structure of your country
The correctional (punishment/penology) structure of your country
The juvenile justice structure of your country
Compare the criminal justice system of the United States to the one you have chosen.

Guidelines: The comparative criminal justice systems presentation will be recorded and should be no more than 10 minutes long. The presentation should be organized so that the information about the country you picked appears in the first half of the presentation and the comparison to the U.S. criminal justice system appears in the second half of the presentation. 
The presentation must use and cite at least five outside references using APA format. 

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